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Heise Consulting Services GmbH is a company founded by Dr. Thomas Heise in the year 2003. The company is based in Hamburg and there are no economic links with other companies.

The company was founded with the aim to assist customers in planning and implementing their IT projects. The focus is on advising and to relief the customer management. We consciously decided us against the approach to implement IT solutions with own resources or to convey this as a business model to provide resources. Rather, we focus on the support in the planning and coordination of customer projects. If necessary, we rely on our network of partner companies and provide our clients with qualified contacts. We are happy if we enable our customers during the projects to operate the solutions by themselves or to manage the associated solution provider of the corresponding services professionally. We seek long-term customer relationships, so that we can optimally support our customers in their decisions. A trusted relationship grown over projects between actors offers the opportunity to resolve critical issues in projects effectively and strengths the communication.

From our previous experience and inclinations we assembled our service portfolio. We ensure that we can provide our services vendor neutral. We maintain partnerships with leading software, consulting and system integration companies. We also observe the market to identify new approaches and trends. We prepare vendor neutral decision documents and if required we are able to utilize contacts outside a project-related communication matrix. By the mix of project management and IT knowledge we are capable to integrate methodical knowledge, respective project requirements and the project situation into a solution-oriented approach.