IT Sourcing

The mean of IT production in transition

"IT Transition is the transfer but also the setup of IT services".  IT services often provided with modified IT landscapes under provider changes which are part of an IT sourcing.  

From ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) perspective IT Transition is a distinct discipline. IT sourcing describes the transfer of IT Services to a provider or a rebuilt of IT Services in a contractually agreed time period. An IT Transition in a IT Sourcing project includes three phases:

  1. Understanding/Documentation of the CMO (Current Mode of Operation) in the framework of bid / contract management,
  2. Transition and parallel operation of IT Services in a MMO (mixed mode of operation)
  3. to the FMO (Future Mode of Operation) of IT services with the change of control and stabilization.

The expectations of customers and providers within the IT Transition can be very different, as well as emerging other challenges:

  • Time-period of an existing contract commitment may be too short, for the implementation of a typical transition project with all phases for the retention of a provider
  • The exit of the current provider is not clearly defined, so that deliverables provided by the client with respect to the new provider cannot be made as expected
  • Standardization efforts of the provider and the customer on specific IT services are not clearly stated in the contract
  • RFP / RFI and offer phase with unclear formulations of expectation of IT service and contract content during the vendor selection
  • Recognize and manage risk exposures during the conduction of a DueDilligence
  • Adaption of the retained organization according to the contract
  • Understanding of the particular project role from client- and the provider- perspective: The customer defines and validates services; the provider supplies these services and agreed KPI with the created solution / architecture
  • Actualization of an integrated project plan and reporting
  • Increasing complexity in the MMO project phase by early performed transformations of IT Services
  • Delays in the change of control of IT Services by resistance/frictions of the Old-provider in the MMO phase
  • Clarification and adaptation of IT services after contractual signing by Changes
  • Involvement of affected divisions in the transition before the change of control to validate and test IT Services
  • Knowledge management and availability of relevant components of the contract and service level agreements for all project participants

Our Offerings:

We support companies in the initialization, programming and implementing their transition

Procedure examples:

  • Analysis of existing IT service requirements, analysis of existing sourcing suppliers, adaptation of service catalogues and service levels prior to the (re) allocation of service packages
  • Analysis IT strategy, analysis of organizational processes between IT and department, requirement analysis of business sectors, analysis of the benefits of sourcing alternatives and creating of a sourcing approach
  • Set up a program with project management functions for each infrastructure aspect / tower and use of escalation and evaluation instances and establishing committees and roles to ensure the governance by the client and provider
  • Analysis IT strategy, Analysis IT organization and processes, impose requirements for retained organization for sourcing projects and construction / adaptation of a retained organization
  • Creating RFP / RFI on the basis of service catalogues and sourcing strategy in the context of (2nd Generation) outsourcing projects
  • Analysis of service agreements, analysis of service dependencies and interfaces for the identification and evaluation of risks and for the validation of the planning
  • Introduction / adaptation of a cross-project PMO (project management office) in the retained organization or/and implementation of central and neutral PO (Project Office) for the duration of the transition for clients and providers
  • Establishment of risk controls to support the shareholder
  • Establish a test management by the contracting authority for system /acceptance testing in collaboration with providers considering previously performed function- / integration tests

How can we help you? Depending on the situation in the form of consultancy, interim management, executive coaching and training.

Project examples:

  • Consulting: Assistance in the preparation and evaluation of RFP / RFI
  • Consulting: Project-related risk analysis as part of an ERP implementation beside an outsourcing infrastructure provider change
  • Interim management: Project management to establish Billing / Controlling / ordering in a retained organization as part of a carve-out of IT services
  • Interim management: Project management as part of the transformation of infrastructure services (2nd Generation Outsourcing)