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"Project Coaching is to support, promote, guide and training of project management professionals in their practical work" It is the accompaniment of project manager or team in the concrete application.

For renowned athletes and managers of large companies, a coach is an indispensable companion – your project manager and project team can also take advantage of the opportunities through external coaching. By Project coaching the project managers worked out (in) a wealth of experience of action and behaviour alternatives in the fields of:

  • Use of project methodologies and procedures
  • Role clarity and responsibility (e.g.. project management as a temporary management task)
  • Goal setting and target formulation and control
  • Authentic communication with clients, customers, suppliers and colleagues
  • Negotiation and management of change requests
  • Reconciliation of interests and conflict resolution
  • Adaptation of project management templates and forms of documentation to achieve the project objectives (effectiveness)
  • Preparation, implementation and follow-up meetings and in a short time and with the desired result (efficiency)
  • Delegating of tasks and recognizing of abilities and skills / competencies in the project team

Our Offering:

We support companies in their daily work of their project management or their project teams

Procedure examples:

  • Analysis of the motives why coaching has been delegated and scoping, preparation of communication, situation analysis with solution development, transfer and evaluation
  • Kick-off, short group seminars of selected project management issues to strengthen the leadership of the (homogeneous) group - completion and evaluation, together with participants of group seminars and sponsors
  • Kick-off, short seminars on team competence growth in (heterogeneous) teams within projects to increase the trust in the team - completion and evaluation, together with participants of group seminars and sponsors
  • We analyse together with your employees, the situation in the project
  • We provide methodological and mental support. We answer questions "beyond the Protocol"
  • We give advice, which have no project management manual
  • How can we help you? Depending on the situation in the form of personal coaching or team / group coaching, individual coaching.

Project examples:

  • Support a group of (junior) project manager in an infrastructure project by grooming expertise in the planning of infrastructure projects
  • Increase the effectiveness of a management consultancy projects through grooming expertise of the project methodology used in the company