IT Sourcing

The mean of IT production in transition

"IT sourcing is the procurement strategy of processes and functions as an aspect of an IT operating model."  In a broader sense we distinguish between the whereabouts of processes and functions in the company, the insourcing and the outsourcing of processes and functions.

There are several drivers for a sourcing strategy .e.g. reducing IT costs, trade-offs between fixed and variable costs, focus on core competencies in the company, adaptations of vertical integration, strategic flexibility / agility, compliance with service levels, availability of specific resources, fitness for outsourcing, expansion to new locations, statutory requirements, available time for decisions or the market position of the company.


Type of Sourcing Description
Body Leasing Longer-term deployment of external IT consultants in projects from the Company / Group, partly in the form of temporary workers.
Shared Services Centralization of service processes and functions within a company / group.

Spin-off / Carve-out Concentration of IT services within the group by outsourcing to a subsidiary in a joint venture by spin off (asset - or share transfer).
Insourcing Revise of outsourcing and providing IT services through its own service processes and functions in the company / group.
Total outsourcing Provision of much of the IT services of a company / group by a service provider with or without joint venture.
Selective outsourcing / managed services Provision of parts of IT services through a service provider, which can take over assets and employees from the company / group.
Out-tasking Performance of individual IT services through a service provider.
Multi Sourcing Provision of outsourced individual IT services through multiple service providers - multi vendor outsourcing.
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Provision of business processes or complete corporate functions through business partners. This type of outsourcing may include also parts of the IT services.
XaaS cloud models Provision of individual IT services by a service provider that will be used on demand by the company / group over WAN links (public or private cloud).
Application Outsourcing and Hosting Service Provider provides an application availability and does programming, application management, support and platform services.
Offshoring / nearshoring Provision of outsourcing from neighbouring countries (nearshore) and from the far abroad (offshore). Data and information leaving the country of the company / organizational headquarters.


The trend towards multi-sourcing is continuously growing, companies contracting individual service packages such as centralized network infrastructure, server infrastructure, database management or desktop services, etc. separately.The individual service packages are getting smaller, nevertheless biddings and contracts for the individual packages have to be managed. The individual packages have to unambiguously separated from each other, especially when benefits are awarded to different providers. For standardized packages the number of providers is increasing, especially for services that can be used over WAN connections on demand as cloud models. A shift of IT services towards providers increased the need for their control: Such a retained Management includes contract management, requirements management, process management, quality or safety control, communication or cost control and forms a link between users of IT services and the IT service suppliers. The internal level of maturity of the company should match the targeted sourcing model.

Our Offerings:

We support companies in the introduction, adaptation and implementation of their IT sourcing

Procedure examples:

  • Analysis of existing IT service requirements, analysis of existing sourcing suppliers adaptation of service catalogues and service levels prior to the (re) allocation of outsourcing service packages
  • Analysis of IT strategy, analysis of organizational processes between IT and department, requirement analysis of business sectors, analysis of the benefits of sourcing alternatives, creating sourcing approach
  • Analysis of IT Strategy, Analysis IT organization and processes, impose requirements for retained organization for sourcing projects and construction / adaptation of a retained organization before the start of a transition
  • Creating RFP / RFI on the basis of service catalogues and sourcing strategy for (2nd Generation) outsourcing projects

How can we help you? Depending on the situation in the form of consultancy, interim management, executive coaching and training.

Project examples:

  • Consulting: Assistance in the preparation and evaluation of RFP / RFI
  • Interim management: Project management to setup billing / controlling / ordering as part of a retained organization of carved-out IT services
  • Interim management: Project management for the transition during a provider change (2nd generation outsourcing)