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About us

Heise Consulting Services GmbH is a Hamburg-based company.

We support clients in the planning and implementation of IT projects. The focus is on advising and to relief the management. We strive for long-term customer relationships, for the optimal support making the right decisions.

From our previous experiences and inclinations we have put together our service portfolio. We ensure that we can provide our service vendor neutral.

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Project Management

For decades we support customers in their project engagements. We have worked in projects as a team member as well a steak holder in large consulting companies where we have been employed. We can therefore understand the expectations in projects from the respective of the team member, the customer and the management well.

We adapted different project methods to succeed in different project situations. In the recent years we have repeatedly successfully performed critical projects to an end.

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Big Data

For decades we support customers in building information systems. Since the 90s we have created data warehouse solutions for large corporations and this includes Data Management, Reporting and analytic functions. We have accompanied extensions as well as complete transformations of data warehouse solutions.

Big Data is not a product but is the interaction of architecture, processes and operational aspects that need to be adapted to the requirements of the company to take advantage of the “resource data”. In IT sourcing strategies service catalogues of A Big Data will be also adapted. We focus on the project management roles in such projects.

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Project Coaching

IT projects becoming larger and more complex and their success company-critical. Project teams consist increasingly of employees of different companies spread across different locations and socialized in different cultures. The challenge increases to manage todays IT projects.

We led large international projects and clothed management functions in large corporations and we are looking forward to provide our experiences in the background to the project manager and project team to enable them in delivering successful projects.

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IT Sourcing

IT Sourcing has been an integral part of an IT strategy to deliver tailored IT services to the enterprise. The outsourcing of IT services is now an established management tool. Multi-Provider Outsourcing is now chosen increasingly, so multiple internal and external service must be coordinated. Furthermore largely standardized services over the internet are available and thus options for relocation of services in the cloud.

The end of outsourcing agreements (exit) offers the chance to structural changes in the outsourcing portfolio. These transitions and transformations are performed in a multi-project management environment. We focus on the project management roles in such projects. We provide our services to the provider and the customer.

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