IT Sourcing

The mean of IT production in transition

"IT transformation is the transformation of IT in the context of Business transformations".  As part of the IT transformation changes may be seen in IT strategy, IT sourcing, architecture, IT processes IT services or IT organization.

The use of the IT technologies and services is increasingly seen as a competitive factor: IT technologies make it possible to carry out transactions at even shorter periods and scope; analytic applications enable the raw material data to increase knowledge or to increase the amount of data which can be utilized by IT technologies. The dealing with digital media is changing rapidly by population, companies and markets . Companies develop products and services to this change of usage. Also companies whose business model traditionally does not use digital media depend on this change, by IT technologies to increase efficiency and effectiveness. The cost of this necessary (IT) transformations are not always compensate with increases in sales by new digital products and services, or increases in efficiency.
The necessary amount of IT transformation can be different depending on the company and time. The transformation of products and services will continue to progress, as new (aggressive) market participants with new ideas change industries and established companies will secure their competitive advantage through (IT) transforms. The challenges encountered in IT transformations can be very different:

  • Continuous adaptation of the IT strategy to the business strategy
  • IT services are increasingly success factors for all aspects of operational business model – thus, it will be more important for companies to achieve the goals of their IT transformation
  • Rapid availability and flexibility in the provision of (new) IT Services for all company divisions
  • IT transformations require significant budget planning
  • Selection and cooperation with sourcing providers as a competitive advantage for the company
  • Increase flexibility through customized sourcing models (collective success or collective failure)
  • The technical expertise of the IT organization and the Sourcing provider is only one success factor for a successful IT transformations
  • Managing the trade-off: Availability of IT specialist expertise to drive the IT transformation in conjunction with staff reduction by the utilization of sourcing models to reduce the IT manufacturing depth
  • Existing redundancies in IT services (provided by Sourcing Provider), high interdependencies of application functionality and data in the IT landscape (many interfaces)
  • Learn from successful and failed IT transformations and projection the own IT organization
  • Know-how transfer of IT innovations and IT assets into all areas of the enterprise
  • Close collaboration between business and IT in the development of (digital) innovation for products, services, efficiency enhancements, risk control or customer loyalty
  • Professionalization of IT transformation projects
  • Control the complexity of IT transformation projects

Our Offerings:

  • We support companies in the initialization, programming and implementing their transformation.

Procedure examples:

  • Establishing a Service Integration and Management (SIAM) for controlling different internal and external suppliers of IT services
  • Establish of a portfolio management of IT transformations with analysis of corporate strategy and new business models, identification of the necessary IT changes, budget planning, management the complexity of the IT transformation, change management for individual IT transformations
  • Set up a program with project management functions for each infrastructure aspect / Tower of IT transformation. Usage of escalation and evaluation instances and establishing committees and roles to ensure the governance by the client and provider
  • Continuous adjustment of sourcing models with provider benchmarking, adapting (Retained-) organization and IT Service Portfolio Management
  • Analysis of IT strategy, analysis of organizational processes between IT and department, requirement analysis of business sectors, analysis of the benefits of sourcing alternatives and creating sourcing approach
  • Analysis of IT transformation objectives, analysis of IT organization and processes, impose requirements and construction / adaptation of the IT organization and resource management
  • Professionalization of all projects affected by the Transition and introduction / adaptation of a cross-project PMO (project management office) in the retained organization
  • Professionalization of transition projects through the implementation of central and neutral PO (Project Office) for the duration of the IT transition
  • Professionalization the financial management for IT services for cost control and support the budgeting of IT transformations
  • Establish a test management by the contracting authority for system / acceptance testing in collaboration with providers considering previously performed function- / integration tests

How can we help you? Depending on the situation in the form of consultancy, interim management, executive coaching and training.

Project examples:

  • Consulting: Assistance in the preparation and evaluation of RFP / RFI
  • Consulting: Project-related risk analysis as part of an ERP implementation with outsourcing of infrastructure and provider change
  • Consulting: Setting up and support test management for client back office infrastructure as a part of a transformation
  • Interim management: Project management to establish Billing / Controlling / ordering in a retained organization as part of a carve-out of IT services
  • Interim management: Project management as part of the transformation of infrastructure services (2nd Generation Outsourcing)